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Euchre Rules from 1877, section 1

As established by the leading players in the U.S.

Last update on: Dec 21, 2016


This little work is intended to fill a want that has long been felt by lovers of the game of Euchre. A purely American game, played everywhere from Bangor to the Brazos, and the Atlantic to the Pacific - as popular in club card-rooms and the parlors of the rich as in the tent of the soldier or the camps of the miners - it is believed that this is really the first attempt ever made to establish a set of rules for the game that commend themselves for their simplicity and thoroughness, having for their basis - good, strong common sense.

The author has had the benefit of the advice and suggestions of many of the best players in New York, in regard to several hitherto considered knotty points, and he firmly believes that this work will be accepted as the standard authority for the game - as much so as Schenck's Laws of Draw Poker or James Clays Whist.

It will be noticed that no reference is made herein to what is known as "Railroad Euchre." The writer does not regard that game as legitimate, and hence he has completely ignored it.


Euchre is a quick game, and any dwelling upon the hands should be discouraged


Euchre is played with thirty-two cards, that is the four Aces,Kings,Queens, Jacks,Tens,Nines,Eights and Sevens.

2) Rank of the Cards

Right-Bower or Jack of Trumps,Left-Bower or Jack of the same color as Trumps, Ace, King, Queen, Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven.




In cutting, the highest has the choice, and Jack is high, Ace next, then King, Queen, Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven.

4) Cutting for Partners, etc

In cutting, if two cut alike, and their cards are neither the two highest nor the two lowest, they must cut again, and he who then cuts higher than the other, plays with him who originally cut the highest card - and they have the deal as well as choice of cards and seats.

If three cut alike, they cut over; and if originally they cut above the fourth, the lowest on the second cut plays with the fourth; and the others have choice of cards; but if originally they cut below the fourth, the highest on the second cut plays with the fourth, and they have the choice.

5) Dealing

The cards having been shuffled by the dealer's left-hand adversary, (the dealer having the right to shuffle after him,) and cut by the dealer's right-hand adversary, the dealer shall deal them, by giving the first two cards to each player, and then three to each; or first three cards to each, and then two to each, commencing in either case with his left-hand adversary; and shall turn the top card remaining undealt, and place it on the pack, face up, as trumps. Should the dealer turn as the trump card any other than the twenty-first card, and the mistake be not discovered until after the first player has declared, it is a miss-deal, and the deal passes. Should a card be faced in dealing, either of the dealers adversaries may demand a new deal before the trump is turned, but no forfeiture of the deal ensues before the trump is turned, and the dealer has the right to correct any mistake before turning the trump. Should a card be faced in dealing, and a new deal is not demanded as provided above, such card shall not be considered an exposed card. After the trump is turned, no mistake in dealing can be rectified, and the giving of too many or too few cards to any player, shall cause the dealer to lose the deal, and it shall pass to the next player on his left, except that if one of the dealer's adversaries looks at his cards before the trump is turned, the dealer shall not lose the deal for giving said adversary too many or too few cards. Any claim as to error in the mode of dealing the cards must be made before the trump is turned.

After the trump is turned, should any player discover that he has in his hand a card not included in the thirty-two mentioned in Section 1, or should it be found that duplicate cards, or cards not belonging to the pack, are out, the deal shall be void, but the dealer shall be entitled to deal again,

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