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Blocking or donating points, page 6

Blocking as a form of communication

Last update on: Jan 28, 2019

I have written much on the value of accurate communication as a way to gain a competitive advantage. The advantage of playing with a known partner that you know they understand the different euchre conventions. This means you trust their ability to make the correct calls and leads. One of these involves blocking at scores of 6 or 7 to 9 if they cannot stop a lone call. Think about what not calling a block says to their partner. Obviously, it means they have the lone stopped. Taking that a step farther, it says they have at least one sure trick. With this information in hand, an experienced partner may decide he has the cards necessary to make a point.

A classic situation of commutation

Table Position
Blocking in a euchre game 14

In this game, my partner is a person that is extremely competitive and known to call blocks as needed. The score is 7 to 9 us. The dealer, in West, has turned up the jack of hearts. My partner passes. The second seat also passes. By taking into account the cards that I have, it becomes apparent that my partner must hold the left plus the king or queen. He may even hold both. Our team should be able to make the winning point on this hand.

Blocking in a euchre game 15

Unsure of what I called on, my partner leads the queen of clubs. The second seat follows suit with the jack. Clubs was the last suit I wanted to see led, but sometimes that happens in euchre. West takes the trick with the ace. I am starting to think that this may not go as planned.

Blocking in a euchre game 16

Next west leads back the ace of diamonds. He knows his right is good for a trick at any point in the hand. My partner in North trumps with the king. East follows suit the 10 and throws off the useless 10 of clubs. The where-a-bouts of the trump queen still a worry, but I'm feeling better about the outcome of the hand. Each team has a trick with one trump played.

Blocking in a euchre game 17

Next North leads the king of clubs. East throws off the jack of spades. I play the ace as I am hoping to force the dealer to play the right. He does, and our team now has a clear path to victory.

On that deal, the cards favored our team. If I had not called, it is be hard to say what cards the next deal would have brought. There is nothing worse than when, at 9 points, you have the deal and lose.

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