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Blocking or donating points
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What is the correct lead when calling a block?

Last update on: Jan 28, 2019

The top teams are more competitive than ever. No question it is getting harder and harder to win. In many euchre games, blocking has become standard play. Very often blocking are used as a way to protect a large lead. When using this strategy, teams can expect to give up two points, but they are stopping their rivals from making four. Still occasionally, the euchre gods are in a giving mood and allow a point to be made by the team that calls a block.

Here is an example:

Table Position
Blocking in a euchre game 5

We have a 6-point lead with the score at 3 to 9. The dealer is in the West position and turns up the 10 of diamonds. Calling a block, my partner(N) orders up the 10.

Blocking in a euchre game 6

My partner(N) starts the hand by leading the left. East shows void, I (S) play the 9 of diamonds and West follows suit with the 10.

Blocking in a euchre game 7

Next North leads the 9 of hearts. East throws off the jack of clubs. I play the queen of hearts. West trumps in, taking the trick with the king of diamonds.

Blocking in a euchre game 8

West then leads the ace of clubs. At this point, we have one trick and I have the right for the second trick. Knowing East is void in trump, I wonder if it would be possible for my partner to get another trick. I duck, throwing off the 9 of spades. The ace of clubs walks.

Blocking in a euchre game 9

Next West leads the 10 of clubs. North (my partner) plays boss the king, As East seat is void in trump, they throw off the jack of spades. Because I still hold the right, what started out as a block is turned into a point maker.
Remember: When calling a block the best lead is always a trump.

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