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The games of social Whist and social Euchre 3
By THEO. B. Comstock 1885

Last update on: Dec 21, 2016


1) Partners and positions being determined as per Rule 7, ante, ladies cut for deal, ace being lowest card. Lowest cut decides the deal. In Social Euchre the "joker" is not used.

(The only difference in the play of Social Whist and Social Euchre consists in the adaptation of the methods and movements here defined to either Whist or Euchre, as may be desired.)

2) Play at each table begins at one stroke of the Manager's bell. Cards are shuffled and dealt without cutting.

3) Play continues at each table only until the four players have all dealt once (4 deals) and run out their hands, but in no case must it exceed fifteen minutes. [See 8th LAW, poseu)

4) Points are counted according to regular Whist or Euchre laws, but no honors are allowed.

5) Fifteen minutes or less are allowed by the Manager for each Sitting, when two strokes of the bell are given as the signal for Exchange.

6) At the Exchange signal, the players who have the higher record move one table towards No. 1, those having the lower count going one table farther from No. 1 than the one at which they have previously been playing. The winners at Table No. 1 and the losers at the last table, however, remain where they are.

7) At every Exchange there is a change of partners, after the remove

8) In the case of a tie in the count at any table after a "sitting" is played, the Exchange signal causes a remove and a change of partners before the remove, the losers at the preceding table and the winners at the following table passing to the next in the order of their remove.* (*see note below) In case of a tie at No. 1, the winners at the previous sitting go to table No. 2, and those who came up from No. 2 will remain. A tie at the last table causes the partners who came from the preceding table to remain.

(* Thus, with a tie at Table No. 3, partners change, leaving their relations as they were upon leaving the tables at which they played previously. Then those who came down at the preceding sitting from No. 2 will now go to No. 4, and those who came up from No. 4 will now go to No. 2 leaving the other players to move without any regard to the tie at No. 3.)

9) The Manager, at the close of each sitting, before the remove, will deliver a gold star to each winner and a black star to each loser at every table, and will also register the score of points upon each player's card. Each player, being provided with a supply of his own adhesive small letters, will distribute them at each sitting so as to permit partner and opponents to affix them properly to their respective score cards.

10) At the close of the game, the Manager will make up the final score upon the following basis:
  a) Count all the points of each player.
  b) Add one for each gold star.
  c) Subtract one for each black star.
The highest total wins. Ladies' and gentlemen's scores must be separately considered.

11) The score of each player is read aloud by the Manager, when it may be registered by each player in the spaces provided opposite the names upon the back of the score cards.





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