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The games of social Whist and social Euchre 2
By THEO. B. Comstock 1885

Last update on: Dec 21, 2016


It is of the utmost importance that strict uniformity should be observed in all games of both Social Whist and Social Euchre. This is necessary in order to ensure good results, and it is expected that the games will commonly be played by clubs which meet regularly for the purpose. The following rules are presented as a guide to the formation and regulation of such associations. They are adapted to Social Whist and Social Euchre alike.


1. The Club should be composed of 20 members, or of a number divisible by four. In all cases there should be an equal number of ladies and gentlemen.

2. Persons unable to be present at any game must invariably send substitutes

3. Each Sitting is limited to fifteen minutes, but the playing at each table is continued only so long as required by the rules of each game, especially, if less than fifteen minutes will suffice.

4. A GAME comprises 10 sittings. The winners of the game are the lady and gentleman whose scores are highest. [See "Rejoinder" described in foot note below.]

5. A TOURNAMENT comprises a set of 10 games played by the same club. The winners of the Tournament are the lady and gentleman who have won the greatest number of names, but if a "tie" occurs the total scores must decide.

6. Each member of the club contributes a small sum at each meeting, which is collected by the treasurer. The fund so obtained (or a definite part of it) is reserved to procure prizes for the winners of the Tournament.

7. The host or hostess (or person chosen for the purpose) acts as Manager, under whose direction the players are placed at the tables according to the following method:

One letter-stamp of each letter is placed in a tray or card receiver, and each lady draws one, there being only as many letters used as there are sets of two partners. The tables are numbered 1, 2, 3, etc.

The ladies who draw letters A and F go to Table No. 1
The ladies who draw letters B and G go to Table No. 2
The ladies who draw letters D and I go to Table No. 3
The ladies who draw letters E and J go to Table No. 4
The ladies who draw letters A and F go to Table No. 5

If more than 5 tables are used, F takes No. 6, G No. 7, and So on, the next letters in order going to Tables 1, 2, 3, etc. , until all are occupied. Each gentleman then draws a letter-stamp, and seats himself opposite the lady who holds the same letter. Each player attaches his stamp to a score card, which is retained in his possession.





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