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Ok if I call I want my partner to lead left or right if he or she has it. If they don't have any bowers, then I would prefer that any trump be led to me.

I, generally, lead the ace that stands the best chance of going around the table. Like if I have a black ace and trump is red, I'll lead it.

No question a small trump lead to your partner they call from third is best. Now, if you don't hold trump, then in that situation, you want to put your partner in the lead as soon as possible. To have called, he must be strong in trump, so try and lead something he can trump. He needs to be able to draw out trump. If he bid on second round, do not lead the suit that was turned down.

Why does this site and many others advocate leading the right bower? Not only do you pull trump from the opps, you also pull trump from your partner, the one who is supposed to be helping you! It's a guaranteed trick, so might as well save it. In the meantime, lead an off-suit non-ace to give your partner a chance to use his/her trump.


How many times have you seen an Ace get trumped on the first lead? Aces are much stronger after a round of trump has been pulled. Sure,you may pull your partners trump but your also taking then from the opponents. Your partners trump can't hurt your but... With that said, a lot depends on what else your hold and your need to take all the cards you hold into consideration

If my partner leads with the right, should I play my left to show him where it's at?


if your partner leads the right, don't waist it. play a smaller trump if you have one. the left will be the boss after the right has been played.

My brothers-in-law tried teaching me euchre this weekend, and I have the basics in mind, but, they gt kind of mad at me for this: if it's my lead and I have 9/Q/A of the trump suit, why *shouldn't* I lead with the 9? Wouldn't sacrificing that 9 to draw out the bowers make my Q and A stronger?


To give an answer I would need more information. Who made trump, what position are you, was it the first lead of the hand. But let's assume you're in 1st and your partner just named trump. Then I would agree a trump lead is best.

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