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What should I discard, Page 2

Should you save an Ace over a trump?
* Answer: never! *

Last update on: Feb 03, 2019

Third seat is always a hard place to make a point. I have said this before, but every once in a while an opponent will help you make a point.

Look at the following example:

I am sitting at the bottom in the South seat. The dealer sits in the East position and turns-up the ten of diamonds. My partner in North holding three diamonds. He orders the ten into the dealer's(E) hand.

Table Position

What should I discard. Image 1

I have the first lead with a complete junk hand. If I had a diamond, that would be the compulsory lead. However, having none, I only see one possible way to help my partner (N). Lead a club and hope he can trump it.

What should I discard. Image 2

Nope, The west seat takes the trick with the queen of diamonds.

What should I discard. Image 3

Next, West seat led the ace of hearts. Everyone followed suit except East who threw off the queen of spades.

What should I discard. Image 4

The opposition had the first two tricks. West made the correct move by leading the 10 of hearts. They are trying a 'lead through the maker' play. If the play was successful, we were euchred.

However, here is where East made a bad choice that allowed us to make our point. They throw off the 10 of diamonds (trump) when they should have discarded their non-trump ace of clubs. This allowed my partner(N) to make both trump good.

Remember, a trump always outranks any off-suit ace.

All I can say is "Thank you for the point!"

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