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The Art of a Next call page 6

Rosie makes a 'Reverse Next' call

Last updated on Jan 23, 2020

The reverse next call is becoming a commonly used strategy among many euchre players. This became evident a while back when a competitor used it in a local tournament. I joked that they shouldn't be using such tactics against me. The reply was that reverse next was one of the most important plays they had learned in recent years.

It became further evident when playing online with a bot as my partner. A hand came up in which I turned down a red jack. I was pleasantly surprised to see Rosie (a bot at WoCG), made the perfect call of reverse next.

Think about this for a moment, if this strategy can be used successfully by a bot. why would it not have a place in your euchre toolbox?

Look at the hand below:

Table Position

Reverse next call from 2nd seat. image 4

I'm in the south seat, dealt, and turned-up the jack of hearts. Bidding was passed back around and I, holding nothing in hearts but thinking about a lone call in black, passed. The first seat passed as well.

Reverse next call from 2nd seat. image 5

Rosie, holding the suggested minimum king-nine combination, makes the correct call of clubs.

The hand plays out as follows, the first seat starts by leading the ten of hearts. Rosie takes the trick with her ace. Her next lead is the ace of diamonds and it walks the board. Still holding the top trump, the last three tricks are mine. This gives us two additional points.

Throughout this entire site, I talk about euchre being a partnership game, and to win you must pay attention to what your partner does.
Even the bots are catching on.

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