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The three Trump, two Suited Hand - page 4

Three-Trump, Two off suit aces - example 2

Last update on: Feb 03, 2019

Here is a hand that most players would recognize as biddable with little fear of a euchred. Still there are risks. The biggest worry would be that the top three trump are all in the same opponent's hands. Like many hands where you don't hold the top trump, thought has to be given as to how the cards are played to assure a making a point.

look at this example:

Table Position

Jack-jack call from 3rd

The dealer is in the South seat and turns up the 10 of diamonds. Bidding is passed back and the dealer picks up the 10 while discarding the queen of clubs.

Jack-jack call from 3rd

The player in the West starts the hand by leading the king of spades. North follows suit with the queen and East follows with the 10. The dealer/maker(S) makes good use of his 9 of trump to take the trick. The maker's team now has one trick in. They still need two more. One trump played.

Jack-jack call from 3rd

The maker follows a basic euchre guideline of leading trump before playing aces by leading the 10. West takes the trick with the right. North shows void in trump and throws off a junk 9 of clubs. East plays the trump queen. By counting the dealer now knows there are four trump played. His partner has none and there are still two against him. Both teams now have a trick.

Jack-jack call from 3rd

West, thinking the bidder may hold the left, leads the 9 of hearts. He's hoping his partner can take the 9 and possibly set the maker up for a euchre. It wasn't to be as the maker took the trick with the ace of hearts. Now the maker has two tricks but still needs one more. He knows there are still two possible trump that may be out against him. The left and the ace. At this point he has to assume that his partner won't be much help. The only chance is to lead the ace of clubs and hope it walks the board or that it draws out trump and leaves his king boss. Using an off-suit ace to draw out trump can be a useful strategy.

Jack-jack call from 3rd

As it turned out the left is buried and the ace of clubs draws out the only remaining trump, leaving the maker with the boss card and another point for their team.

Now I know there are those that would say the maker was just lucky. Yet, how is it 'just luck' when things go as planned and the calling team makes their point?

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