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Misplayed euchre hands, page 5

That jack is a possible trump!

Last update on: Feb 03, 2019

All too often players don't stop to realize the jack can be either suit of the same color, meaning you need to look at any jack as a possible trump.

Look at the example below:

Table Position
Remember the jack can change suit

South has dealt and turned up the 9

In this example, the score is 9 to 8 in the N/S teams favor. The naming of trump is passed around and back to the dealer. Not wanting to risk being euchred, the dealer passes.

First seat calls diamonds and makes their point. The score is now 9 to 9 and they have the deal. On that next deal, North passes and East orders up their partner. Having 5 trump between them, was an easy point for them and they go on to win.

But why did they win? Luck? Look at the hand again. Did you note the jack of clubs that North held. He also had two spades. With a spade being the up card he holds three possible trump. Once that is pointed out, it's obvious that he should have ordered. By only looking at the different suits and not possible combinations he cost his team the game.

Unfortunately this is a common error made by both new as well as some more experienced players. Pay attention to that jack. Not doing so may give your opponents an unnecessary win.

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That jack is a possible trump!

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