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NEVER lead trump on defense, page 3

In 1st seat holding 3 trump, opponents call,
Trump not led, Result is a successful call

Last update on: Feb 02, 2019

Because Hardwood Euchre game site gives me the option to review games I have played, a lot of my time is spent doing so. It's a great way to see how other play and maybe learn a new trick or two. It's also nice to be able to look at the hands to see how I may have played them in a better way. While reviewing I'm also looking for examples to use on this site. From time to time I come across a concept that I've talked about but need to show examples. When possible I also like to present an example where the hand was played correctly and incorrectly. To my surprise, I came upon both correct and incorrect examples in the same game. The first was shown in the prior example and the next one came three hands later.

The hand below is already in progress. As we continue to view this game, the dealer (N) deals and turns up an ace of diamonds. The East seat is thinking about a euchre if it is picked-up, maybe a possible second-round lone call in hearts if turned down. Everyone passes and dealer picks up the ace.

Table Position

What to do when holding 3 trump

Now that the dealer/maker (N) has named trump, East seat attempts to euchre him and starts by trying to make his ace of hearts good. Unfortunately, he doesn't understand the potential value of a lead trump. This heart lead allows South to make use of his only trump. West has to follow suit and maker(N) throws off a king of spades. Now there's one trump played and the bidding team has their first trick.

What to do when holding 3 trump

Next South leads the 10 of clubs. West follows suit and the maker (N) plays the ace. East takes the trick with the trump 10. Two trump are played and now each team has one trick.

What to do when holding 3 trump

Now East leads the left. South throws off the 10 of spades. West plays the queen. North takes the trick with the right. That's their second trick and the bidding team still holds the boss ace of trump for the third trick. This gives them their point.

Now let's go back and see what would have happened if East had led the middle trump, the king of diamonds? South would have to follow suit by playing the nine, West would play the queen and the maker most likely have used the ace of trump. Next, the maker would probably play the singleton ace of clubs. West could then trump in with the ten. Now, if they lead the ace of hearts, the maker would have had little choice but to trump-in with the right. This would leave East seat with all the boss cards. This would have given the East/West team two points for the euchre.

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