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Endplay, How and Why Page 4

The final exam

Last update on: Jan 18, 2020

All the prior examples I have shown are three trump, two-suited hands. Having a doubleton off-suit is not necessary nor required. There are times when an endplay may work without holding the top trump. It is even possible to lose the first or maybe the second trick. The one constant is being able to give the lead to the first seat at the appropriate time. The truly great euchre players can this concept and extend it into many different hands.

Look at the hand below:

Euchre endplay, How and Why Image 5

You are the dealer sitting in the south seat. The queen of hearts is turned-up. Everyone passes, now the decision is yours. Picking up the Queen will give you three trump, not a strong hand but maybe, just maybe you can squeeze a point out. Ok, so you pick the Queen. Now you discard the green nine of spades. (earlier I spoke of discarding green unless your opponents are known to lead next).

West starts the hand by leading the ace of diamonds. Everyone follows suit and you must follow with the 10. Yes, This time discarding a spade didn't work out, but not all is lost. ( OhioEuchre still stands by its recommendation of discarding green )

Euchre endplay, How and Why Image 6

West next leads the ace of spades. Again, everyone follows but this time you are able to use a trump. Both teams have a trick.

You have the lead and you still need two of the three remaining tricks.

Would you lead the right next?

Euchre endplay, How and Why Image 7

Nope, You've just been Euchred!

Your team has two tricks but the first seat has the last two boss cards.

How about the queen of hearts?

Euchre endplay, How and Why Image 8

Nope, Again, you are Euchred!

What about the nine of clubs?

Euchre endplay, How and Why Image 9


The main idea is to pass off the lead. Playing a Nine assures that will happen. This lead sets up your endplay. No matter what the first seat does you have made your point

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