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Endplay, How and Why, Page 1

A means to an end

Last update on: Jan 29, 2019

We briefly covered endplays in our euchre lesson number 9. Because this tactic is so important, let us explore it in detail. Endplays should be part of any player's arsenal of tools. In fact, it can be one of the most powerful plays in euchre. With an endplay, you are not going for two points. You're just looking to make a single point then run. There are some hands where the only way to make a point is to use this strategy.

For an endplay to be successful, players must be able to think a couple of plays ahead. In most plays, the object is to take your trick then pass the lead over to your partner. Endplays differ from standard plays as here you are trying to pass the lead to our left-hand opponent. In doing so, you will have the last play on the next hand. This gives you the ability to take the tricks necessary to complete the point.

Let's see how we can use this to make a point:

Table Position
Jack-jack call from 3rd

In this hand, the dealer sits at the bottom in South position. He has turned up the queen of diamonds. The three other players pass and the dealer picks up the queen. He discards the 10 of hearts.

Jack-jack call from 3rd

West starts the hand by leading the ace of spades. Second and third seat follow suit. As the dealer/maker is void, he trumps in using his 9. Holding the right means his second trick is secure. Still, that third trick could be elusive.

Jack-jack call from 3rd

Trying to set-up an endplay, he leads the jack of clubs. He is hoping the left-hand opponent will take the trick. Yes!

Jack-jack call from 3rd

West takes the trick as planned, and the trap is set. Three tricks for the maker's team, one more point added to their score.

F.Y.I. The counter move to this is, in first seat, let the trick go by.

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