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The American Card Player section-7

The origin of euchre
By William Brisbane 1866, Pages 57 - 81

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In the game of Euchre, nothing is more important than the judicious employment of trumps, and the successful issue of the game is, perhaps, more dependent upon a thorough knowledge of their power and use, than all the other points of the game combined. In the course of this article we have already had much to say about trumps, particularly in that portion which treats of the lead, but if our readers will permit, we propose to briefly notice one subject which has remained untouched â€" that of trumping, or Ruffing, as it is technically termed; and if our ideas on the subject will prove of any service to the tyro in the game, we shall have accomplished all we designed, both by this and other portions of the present article

If your partner adopts or makes the trump, and you hold the Eight or Left Bower alone, ruff with it as soon as you get the opportunity.

When playing second, be careful how you ruff a card of a small denomination the first time round, for it is an even chance that your partner will take the trick if you let it pass. When such a chance presents itself, throw away any single card lower than an ace, so that you may ruff the suit you throw away when it is led.

When your partner assists, and you hold a card next higher to the turn-up card, ruff with it when an opportunity occurs, for by so doing you convey valuable information to your partner.

When you are in the position of the third player, ruff with a high or medium trump. This line of play forces the high trumps of the dealer, as at the game of Whist, and thereby you weaken your adversaries.

When your partner leads a lay ace, and you have none of that suit, do not trump it; but if you have a single card, throw it away upon it.


Never lose sight of the state of the game. When you are four and four, adopt or make the trump upon a weak hand

When the game stands three to three, hesitate before you adopt or make a trump upon a weak hand, for a Euchre will put your adversaries out

When you are one and your opponents have scored four, you can afford to try and make it alone upon a weaker hand than if the score was more favorable to you.

When you are eldest hand and the score stands four for you and one for your opponents, do not fail to order up the trump, to prevent them from going alone. Of course you need not do this if you hold the Right Bower, or the Left Bower guarded.

Be very careful how you underplay - skillful players may attempt this, hut as a general rule the tyro should take a trick when he can

Never trump your partner's winning cards, hut throw your losing and single cards upon them.

When second hand, if compelled to follow suit, head the trick if possible; this greatly strengthens your partner's game

When you cannot follow suit or trump, dispose of your weakest card

When opposed to a lone player, be careful how you separate two cards of the same suit. Throw away a single king rather than separate a seven and queen. Be cautious how you separate your trumps when you hold the Left Bower guarded.

When it comes your turn to say what you will do - whether you will pass, assist, order up, or go it alone - decide promptly and without unnecessary hesitation or delay, If you do not have sufficient interest in the game to give your undivided attention to it, you will do well to keep away from the table, for you have a partner's interest to consult as well as your own. Finally - lose without a murmur, and win without triumph.

We have not in this article given any other than the accepted rules, as applied to Euchre. We have at the outset stated the meaning of a few technical expressions connected with the game. We have made but few practical applications; for we have presumed that one competent to master it could apply the rules for himself.

All undertakings, whether in business or pleasure, are advantageous only as they are founded upon, and assimilated with, common sense. And until the player unites reason with fortune, he can never count with any degree of certainty upon success.

The innumerable phases which the game is capable of assuming would require more paper and words to express than one would willingly devote to pleasure. For when the pursuit of pastime merges into the exactions of study, relaxation becomes a task, and "desire fails."

The American Card Player

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