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Playing alone on 8 page Section 1

I am proponent of playing alone on 8 and have been for many years. It's about time someone takes up this issue head on. Keep up the good work....

Going alone on 8 is 100% acceptable. Say you are the dealer, and the score is 8 to 8 for example. You have a loner hand, but do not go alone because of "Etiquette." Seat one plays a low off suit, and your partner trumps it. Your partner, having only one trump, cant lead you trump, so he plays an ace. You throw off, and the behind you trumps it. Or worse, he throws into your off suit ace, you toss your ace, and the guy after you trumps it. Plenty of times when going alone on 8 is the correct play.

I've stopped playing euchre at sites online because I play to win. I'll go alone at 8 points if the cards are right. In playing to win, I could honestly care less about your feelings & whether or not you feel I'm rude. A win is a win and if you can't take the score of 12-"whatever," go play Candyland with the little ones!

I do what i have to do to ensure a win if i know i can do it. ill go alone on 9 if my partner is inept. People need to stop being so rude with card games its running it for others who might want to learn. Can you blame them who wants to learn a game if your going to be belittled.

I don't know where your getting your answers from, but going alone on 8, makes absolutely no sense. 4 points don't win anymore than 2,and your partner might have the trick you don't!


If you were to read past the first sentence you'd have the answer.

If your hand is already so strong that you feel you can go alone...what would make it different if you play with your partner? Even if they are inept it would be pretty hard to screw up a really strong hand. Unless you yourself are also inept. ;)


Gotta love the trolls that can't read the article. Inept at reading perhaps.

As the article says. Your partner with a solitary trump should always use it at first opportunity because you brought them along you obviously need help. By trumping a trick you would have taken then leaving you vulnerable to being over-trumped it may cost a point. Plus that hand where you have the trump and king nine kicker your partner has no choice but to take your king then lead low in another suit.
Not to mention I have been euchred because I didn't go alone before. Yes there was no chance of me getting all five but my partner trumped q tick I would've had with my ace. He then led into my void low. I attempted to trump but got overtrumped. They then led into my other offsuit with the ace. They both had a Bauer needless to say I was euchred.
Follow up to my previous post. They each had a Bauer bare. If I could've taken first trick I would've led trump and won the hand.

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