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Last update on: Dec 5, 2021

DIY Euchre Score Keeper

Use our detailed instructions to build this handy Euchre score keeper.


Our score keepers are inexpensive to make and the tools needed can be found in most any DIY shop.

Materials needed:

* Pine board 3 1/2" by 72" (makes 8 score keepers)
* 4 oz Mod Podge. (Available at Walmart)
* Small bottle wood glue
* Golf Tees
* Printed Score Sheet templates
* Drill bit Size 77 -- .018" (Check tee thickness)

Parts needed to build scrore keeper Cut Size

Score sheet templet

Click on above image to download a printable Score Sheet template. PDF file will be in your download folder.

Tools needed;

* Drill press (A hand drill could be used)
* Wood Saw
* Razor knife
* Small paint brush

Tools needed


1)  Important: Print and measure templates before cutting wood As printers differ, It may be necessary to adjust the length of the wood cut.

2)   Trim templates to size. Excess paper is easily cut away using a straight edge and razor knife

3)  Paint Mod Podge on top surface of wood. Use plenty, Not using enough may cause wrinkles.

4)  Place template on wood, center and smooth out. Let dry over night.

5)  Recoat surface with more Mod Podge. Let dry. Repeat as desired with a minimum 2 - 3 coat. Let it dry over night.

6)   Set drill press depth so that it doesn't drill quite go through the wood. Using the marks on the template as a guide, drill 22 holes. It may be helpful to center punch the holes first.

7)   Glue 3/4 X 3/4 wood to top underside edge of score keeper.

8)   Lightly sand away ruff edges from drilling.

9)   Cut golf tees to a length of 1 1/4". A pair of cutting pliers works best. Sand cut end to a point.

Here is a printable score sheet for your Euchre Tourney

Each printout contains 4 Score Sheets.
Click on image below to download
PDF file will be in your download folder.

Score Sheets

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