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Early Books on Euchre

Last update on: Dec 21, 2016

With the exception of using a 24 card deck instead of 32 and game to ten instead of 5, the game of euchre has not changed much in the last 150 years. Much can be learned from the early text as the basic strategies remains firm

The laws and practice of the game of euchre:

Written by Charles Henry Wharton Meehan
(A. Professor) and published in 1862

Chapter 1 - Preliminary

The earliest knowledge which we, personally, have been able to gather of this, our favorite card-game, was its introduction in...

Chapter 2 - Mode of Playing

The game of Euchre, which consists of five points only, is played by four persons, who cut for partners...

Chapter 3 - On Playing Alone

It occurs quite often during an evening passed in social intercourse at Euchre, that a player has dealt to him five cards of such superior value...

Chapter 4 - Lap, Slam, Jambone, and Jamboree

The addition of the Lap, Slam, and Jambone, to the game of Euchre is comparatively a modern institution,...

Chapter 5 - Technicalities

Let not cards therefore, be depreciated; a happy invention, which...

Chapter 6 - Laws

The Laws of Euchre should be carefully studied by every player who desires to become an accomplished adept in this fascinating game...

Chapter 7 - Hints to Tyros (Novice)

As Adopted by the Somerset Club
of Boston, March 1, 1888

With Some Suggestions about the Play

Section 1

The Laws of Euchre, as here appended, have stood the test of time and received the attention of many scientific Euchre-players

Section 2

In a lone hand, should either adversary abandon his hand by laying it face upwards on the table, or by failing to play to every trick, the party playing alone

Section 3

The penalty of a revoke is three points, except in the case of a lone hand, when it is five; and the penalty may be claimed as often as the revoke is

Section 4

Bystanders should make no remark, nor should they, by word or gesture, give any intimation of the state of the game until is concluded

Section 5

If the dealer adopts the turn-up, he should discard the lowest card of a short suit; for example, with three trumps, ace, seven of one suit, and outside king,

Section 6

The second and third hands have the weakest positions for lone hands, especially the third hand, if the turn-up is the trump

Section 7

Sitting in the third seat, he perceived that his queen was useless, unless used to trump his partner's trick and put the lead through A, with the hope that his partner

Section 8

The following coups, which occurred recently in play, serve to show the possibilities of the game. They are offered here for the inspection of experienced

The Game of Euchre
by John W. Keller, 1887

Chapter 1 - Origin of Euchre

It is not unpleasant to the general mind to connect the symbols of cards with the Pyramids, or their mysteries with the Sphinx, and it is concordant with their alleged...

Chapter 2 - description

In Euchre, it is better that personal antipathy, if it must exist at all, should exist between antagonists rather than between partners. The reasons for this are...

Chapter 3 - Technical Terms

chapters of this book will be devoted to a more specific consideration of the rules and form of the game and the best way of playing it, and as such consideration involves the use of certain technical...

Chapter 4 - Rules of Euchre

I have not depended alone upon my own knowledge of the game, but have carefully consulted the best writers upon the subject. I place the result before the public...

Chapter 5 - Laps, Slams, Jambone, Jamboree

Various innovations have crept into the game of Euchre from time to time, some of which have become decidedly popular, while others have perished from inherent weakness...

Chapter 6 - Railroad Euchre

Railroad Euchre, So called from the rapidity with which its points are made, is one of the most popular variations of the game. Indeed, it is so well liked by card-players in general that it has...

Chapter 7 - Two and Three-Handed Euchre

Three-handed Euchre has been called the cut-throat game. This murderous title is suggested by the peculiar conditions of the game, which make two of the players continually combine to vanquish the third...

Chapter 8 - Progressive Euchre

Progressive Euchre is generally but little more than the pretext for the congregation of good-natured people for an evening's amusement...

Chapter 9 - Miscellaneous Variations

But there are still other variations of Euchre, some of which have been received with considerable favor, and some have been relegated to oblivion...

Chapter 10 - Pointers

Always pay close attention to the game. It will not only make you a good player, but a desirable one. Nothing is so tedious and annoying as a person...

Hoyle on Euchre and the need to hold trump in your hand.

More than once has someone said to me " You can't pick-up or order a suit without one in your hand, Then they tell me it's according to Hoyle. I have spent the last few days researching this. There are many books on Hoyle's game rules, and while I sure I haven't seen all of them, the ones I have looked at have no mention of such a rule. I present two examples covering 150 years of euchre . One from 1857 and one from 2001.

Hoyle's games: containing the rules for playing fashionable games - 1857

EUCHRE, A German game, from whence the highest card or Bower, signifying Jack or Knave, takes its name. This being the only card that the German name is adopted....

Hoyle's Rules of Games - 2001

The highest trump is the jack, called right bower. The second-highest is the other jack of the same color, called left bower.....

Encyclopedia Britannica, 10th Edition (1902)

An article written by Henry Jones

EUCHRE, a game at cards, much played in America. Euchre is said to be a corruption of the word ecarte; the game is believed to have been first played by the French settlers in Louisiana, but at what date is uncertain. Euchre is played with thirty-two cards, the twos, threes, fours, fives, and sixes being rejected from a complete pack...

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