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Welcome to our Euchre community

Ohio Euchre welcomes players of all skill levels (new, experienced, and advanced) interested in furthering their knowledge of Euchre. We offer support and advice to any player that wants to participate in and excel at the game of Euchre.

    Our core Euchre principles are reflected in the Lessons and Tips Sections of this website. You can test your knowledge with our Quiz. You will enjoy our website and forum much more as you master the "Quiz." It is both challenging and highly educational.

    Our Forum is intended to be a friendly and Euchre-focused discussion of improving the enjoyment and knowledge of winning at Euchre. Our goal is to encourage communication between members, thus allowing all to reach their full potential as euchre players.

    While using our forum, please be respectful of each other. Our website and the game of Euchre, first and always, is meant to be enjoyed by all.

Euchre, A brief description

Euchre (pronounced 'you-ker') is a classic card game introduced to America in the early nineteenth century. There are varying theories as to the origin of the game. The true beginnings are unknown and controversy persists among card historians.

Euchre is a card game that continues to enjoy worldwide popularity. Once considered the national card game in the United States, Euchre is commonly played in the Midwestern states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. There are also large concentrations of devotees in Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

    Euchre games are generally fast-moving and tend to last less than twenty minutes. Although the rank of the cards may tend to confuse new players, Euchre has the appeal of being easy to learn, yet difficult to master.

    Games are played with four players in teams of two sitting across from one another. Euchre uses a deck of 24 cards, with the cards numbered between two and eight removed. The cards are dealt out in groups of twos and threes until each player has five cards. The last four cards placed face down in front of the dealer. The top card of this stack is then exposed. To make a point, a team must name trump then must take at least three out of five possible tricks in any hand. The ultimate goal is to defeat your opponents by being the first team to reach 10 points.

Euchre Rules

As with any game, it is best to start with a basic understanding of the rules. Enjoyed for over 150 years, the original game of Euchre used 32 cards and played to 5 points. With the exception of points and the number of cards used, early players would recognize it as the same game we play today. The list of rules presented here are built using these fundamental standards. They are designed for use in major tournaments worldwide, yet work equality well in local games.

Let's learn to play euchre

Once you have an understanding of the rules, it is time to proceed. We offer a free euchre tutorial to get you started. Let us show you the basic plays and the reasoning behind these moves. As the lessons progress, we will teach you the skills needed to win.

Improve your skills

After moving beyond the basics, we next explain some of the more complex plays. The truth is, it can be hard to play like a pro. It takes time to study and learn the various winning strategies. But once done, you get to reap the benefit of winning more games. To that end, we have compiled a list of articles that cover everything you need to know.

The all new Euchre Workshop

There was a time when the only way to test a euchre hand was to lay it out on a table and simulate playing the hand. While that worked great, if you wanted to try a different strategy you had to start over by re-dealing. However, when using the OhioEuchre workshop, re-dealing is no longer necessary.

        With the Euchre workshop you may....
1) Deal all 4 hands - Deals all 4 hands plus a turn card.
2) Select dealer + Turn - Allows you to select dealers hand plus the turn card.
3) Select individual seat - Allows you to select and lay-out all hands plus the turn card.
Card selections are saved and hands may be replayed.

Test your knowledge of euchre

Have you ever wondered how you stack up against other euchre players? This quiz was put together not only to test skill level but as a teaching tool. Now you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lay. There are 25 questions that range from intermediate to advanced levels. Taking our QUIZ is a sure way to see where you stand.

The OhioEuchre Community Forum

Have a question on how to play a particular hand? Have advice for those new to Euchre. Just like talking Euchre with likeminded individuals. With over 1500 members and thousands of Euchre related posts, The OhioEuchre forum is designed for you.

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"The phrase "practice makes perfect" is a false one. To rise above mediocrity, it takes "enlightened" Practice, most often with the aid of someone or something else. Improvements take practice. A Critical attitude of what needs to be improved certainly helps, many "old-timers" tend to "practice" the same way time after time. The information given here is a step in the right direction."
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"This is a Top-Notch and most informative site. OhioEuchre gives everyone at all levels the tools to succeed at Euchre."
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Playing euchre with friends

The OhioEuchre Community Forum

Just like talking Euchre with like-minded individuals? Have a question on how to play a particular hand? Would like to share your expertise with other Euchre players from around the world? The OhioEuchre forum is designed just for you.

Just learning? Our forum includes a entire section dedicated to those that are new to Euchre.

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