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Established in the year of 2010

The Triple Crown is a organization of independent euchre tournament directors that have ban together to standardize euchre play in the United States and Canada. Our Number 1 priority is to have a standard method of playing euchre. At the present time, is it necessary for an individual to ask what rules do you use before playing at a new venue. Yes, we have high aspirations. We do hope that eventually the triple crown rule set will become the national standard.

We are committed to promoting national as well as local euchre tournaments and groups. We also coordinate and share information on future events. We find that our members do appreciate the value of the top-quality networking opportunities.

By joining us, you will have the benefit of the perspective of a group of experienced players that understands the needs of the euchre community. We provide a variety of helpful services to make your events more attractive and help to maximize the number of participants.

Whether you hold a small local event or a large national tournament we want to welcome you to our group. Explore our website to see how membership can benefit your group.

Through our sister organization, OhioEuchre.Com we provide help for those just learning to play. We also help those looking to advance their skill level. As you explore OhioEuchre.Com you will see that we are dedicated to the advancement of the sport euchre. We encouragement our youth to learn and participant in this challenging game.