Euchre Tournaments Rules

Getting Started

Once you are signed in you may sit at any open table. At each table there will 4 score sheets. 2 red and 2 white. Each team member will pick a color so that each team has a red sheet and white sheet. Please print your name on the top of your sheet. As a hand is completed each player will fill in their own score sheet. At the end of 8 hands both team members will pass their score sheet to one of the opposing teams member who will verify that scores are correct and then sign the sheet.

All tables will be numbered. The winning team will move. The players having the red sheets will move up to the next higher numbered table and the white sheets will move down to the next lower numbered table. At the next table the red sheets would play with the whites sheets as their partners.

Dealing the cards

To determine the first deal of the game, cards are dealt face up until a player receives any Jack. That player becomes the dealer. Subsequently, the deal rotates clockwise each hand.

Cards may be dealt in groups of 2's and 3's, or 1 at a time. It is always the dealer's choice as to the preference of deal style; however, that person's deal style must be maintained during the entire round.

Naming Trump

Once the 21st card has been turned up, the deal is considered finished, and bidding may commence.

Starting with the player to the left of the dealer (Eldest hand), each player in turn has the option to bid. If passed, the option to bid passes to next player (clockwise rotation). The only language which is allowed during the 1st round of bidding is: "Trump", "Pass", "Pick it up", or "Alone". The dealer may simply pick up the card to indicate they declare that suit as trump, or simply turn over the card to indicate they pass, with no verbal comment.  

Another player may request (order) the dealer to pick up the up card with any holding in that suit, or even if void in that suit. If the dealer's partner tells the dealer to "Pick it up" the partner is not required to go alone.

If all players pass, the up card is turned face down in the kitty and a second round of bidding commences. In this second bidding round the bidder must state their intentions by saying the name of the trump suit (the turned down suit cannot be called).

If everyone passes a second time then the same dealer re-deals the cards. This second deal becomes 'Stick the Dealer'

Once trump is declared the dealer places the trump cube on top of the kitty, showing the declared trump suit.


Any player declaring a Loner must state their intentions by clearly saying "Alone".  


A card laid is a card played


* If the bidding team takes 3 or 4 tricks in a hand they score 1 point

* If the bidding team takes all 5 tricks in a hand they score 2 points.

* If a team member goes alone and takes 3 or 4 tricks, that team scores 1 point.

* If a team member goes alone and takes all 5 tricks, that team scores 4 points

* A total of 8 hands per round are played, with everyone dealing twice.

* If bidding team fails to take 3 tricks (aka a euchre) the opposing team scores 2 points. Same scoring if the bidding team was going Alone.


DO NOT make your own Rulings! Please call the Tournament Director (TD)  

Score Sheets - Each player will keep their own score sheet. Any changes of scores on sheets must be stamped by a Tournament Director before leaving the table. Sheets with changes that are not stamped will be disqualified.

RENEGE: - There are no exceptions to the ruling for a Renege: The hand is over, the offending team loses their bid and the non-offending team scores two points. In the case of a renege during a Loner attempt, the non-offending team scores 4 points.

BID OUT OF TURN: - All play stops for that hand and the non-offending team scores two points.

LEAD OUT OF TURN: - All play stops for that hand and the non-offending team scores two points (four points if on a lone call).

Prize list

Prizes awarded based on total accumulated points at
the end of the event

1st Place:
* Two (2) tickets to the exclusive Red Line Lounge
    Each ticket includes an upscale all you can eat buffet
    and two (2) drink vouchers.
* A signed hockey stick by a Blue Jackets player
* Access to the exclusive seating area behind the penalty box
    for an extraordinary view of the players and the game.
* 1st place prize is valued at over $400.00

2nd Place:
* Two (2) upgraded lower level tickets
* Signed Blue Jackets game puck
* 2nd prize is valued at over $200.00

3rd Place:
* Two (2) upgraded lower level tickets
* 3rd prize is valued at over $200.00

   * These prize tickets are in addition to the tickets included in the entry fee

Ticket upgrades can be used for any one of the following Blue Jackets game between 3/19/16-4/4/16.
These include the following games:
March 19, Columbus Blue Jackets v New Jersey Devils
March 22, Columbus Blue Jackets v Philadelphia Flyers
March 24, Columbus Blue Jackets v Carolina Hurricanes
April 04, Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Rangers:

Immediately following the tournament, please see a Blue Jackets representative to select your game.

To sign up for this tournament

You MUST pre-register
using the link below

Click here to sign up

All sign-ups must be done through the Blue Jackets
website before march 19, 2016

For more information please contact Chad Leis at 614-246-2736 or Your Blue Jackets game ticket(s) for March 19 will be available at check-in. Check-in will take place inside the McConnell Entrance starting at 2:00 PM. The McConnell Entrance is located by the Big Lots Box Office at the corner of Nationwide Blvd and John McConnell Blvd.

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