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I love the website.. I know it will make me into a good Euchre player.

I just wanted to know the ruling for this possible violation of the rules.
We were playing a friendly game, and my partner asked what card the dealer picked up. (He knew that spades was trump, and that the rank of the card was low, a 9, 10, or q) I told him the card that was picked up because it is public knowledge.
Would that be considered table talk? I am giving him information, but the information was already public knowledge.


Any talk of cards should be avoided even in a friendly game. In the example given, is the person doing the asking trying to see if the pick-up has been played or does the dealer still hold it. It could be a warning to the partner that there is still trump out.
It is up to each player to pay attention.

If I am the dealer and the card turned up is a queen of hearts and I have a jack of hearts in my hand and no other hearts in my hand, can I pick up the Queen and Hearts and therefore hearts are trump.


What rules govern the dealer picking up the Jack he turned up. Does the dealer have to have one of that suite to pick up the Jack.
Can the dealer pick up the Jack if he only has the left bower in their hand


Question: If a bower is turned up by the dealer, may he pick up the bower if he does not have any cards of that suit in his hand but only the jack of the other suit?
ie: dealer turns up the jack of spades and the only other black card in his hand is the jack of clubs. Can he pick up the spade?


I've lost track as to how many times this question has been asked. Even though this "rule" is not in any book, not used in any on-line games or major tournaments anywhere's there are those that still think it's a rule. You do not need to hold a suit to pick up that suit. This means that if you turn up a black jack and only hold the other black jack up may pick it up (red also)

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