How to Hold Your Own
Euchre Tournament

Holding your own tournament can be a lot of fun. It's also a great way to meet new people. Like any group gathering, it does take some preplanning. To facilitate accurate scoring, the correct scorecards are needed. We are able to supply all necessary paperwork for your event. These forms are provided as a public service and may be downloaded as many times as required.

When first contemplating the possibly of organizing such an event, one must decide on the correct format. Here are the three main formats that are used to run today's euchre tournaments. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Each has its own approach on how the winners are determined. They do differ on how the score is kept and how teams advance to the next table. Normally all three types use standard euchre rules. In larger events it is suggested that a tournament director be appointed to settle any disagreements between teams.

The first thing to consider is whether your event would be a social gathering or lean more towards the completive side. The progressive model lends itself more towards the social aspect of the game. In contrast the partner's model works best when the focus is on completion.

If ever you have any questions on how to organize your event, email us at info @ Ohioeuchre.Com. We will try and help where possible.

Below is a brief description of each style to help determine which format will work best. Each format has its own page and may be accessed by clicking the 'red' link below the format headings.

* The Grand Prix Euchre Tournament *

The Grand Prix format was developed for use in the World Series of Euchre. It is now used in most major Euchre tournaments across the U.S and Canada. With this method partnerships remain together the entire tournament. Everyone gets to play the same number of games. Once a round is complete, one team moves on to the next table. There are built-in provisions to handle uneven number of teams the tournaments move along quickly as there is normally very little or no waiting between games. Tournament winners are decided the total number of games won...

* The Progressive Euchre Tournament *

The Progressive format is used at many social and fund-raiser events. It is also known as the 'Round Robin format and can be played as part of a completive tournament. It is popular because partners rotate and everyone gets to play the same number of games. The format differs from the others in two areas. Teams only play a total of 8 hands per round. Also at the end of the round everyone changes partners. By alternating partners it provides an opportunity to make new friends, and reunite with old pals.

* The Double Elimination Euchre Tournament *

Double elimination is the same format that is used in many sporting events, such as baseball. Ladder bracket sheets are set up at the start of the tournament. As a team wins they move up along the ladder. Once a team loses they then start their way up the 'loser ladder' If they lose two games, they are out of the tournament.

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Hi! We are starting up a euchre league. I was just wondering outside of playing the game, how I go about scoring for the last week of the league, is a tournament. I believe we would have a winners bracket and a losers bracket.

Thanks for any help you could provide.

Penny Kohler

Posted by Penny KOhler  on Sunday, 01.29.17 @ 05:09am| #3757

What happens if at the end of 8 hands(deals) the score is tied. How do you determine the winner/ losers and is there points awarded. Thanks

Posted by Dan  on Tuesday, 01.31.17 @ 17:07pm| #3758

The winners from each bracket would complete to determine the final winner

The player that received the their point first is the winner. Each team get the same points

Posted by Don  on Tuesday, 01.31.17 @ 17:26pm| #3759

Euchre is fun

Posted by Virgil  on Thursday, 02.2.17 @ 19:31pm| #3763

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