Common Euchre errors

Top things people do wrong when playing euchre

* Not leading trump to partner's call

* Leading trump on defense

* Turning down a bower when have 1 other trump

* Failing to call "next"

* Leading trump on fourth trick

* Passing with biddable hand

* Trumping partner's ace

* Leading right bower after calling "next"

* Not leading trump on own call

* Leading right bower against a loner

* Not leading "next" through third-hand loner

* Leading trump against a loner

* Thinking Ace - King suited have the same value (to your partner)

* Forgetting that euchre is a partnership game

From information gathered at Yahoo's Euchre Science web site

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Am I correct ?

Posted by sally  on Sunday, 12.21.14 @ 12:40pm| #3310

Played Euchre a lot in college, never twohanded or cutthroat. Looks like fun for my wife and I.

Posted by John  on Friday, 03.13.15 @ 17:26pm| #3390

Thank-you for this great web-sight...

Posted by Jane Thompson  on Saturday, 03.14.15 @ 20:34pm| #3391

Thanks for the great web sight...

Posted by Jane Thompson  on Saturday, 03.14.15 @ 20:36pm| #3392

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