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* Are you looking to gain a competitive edge
       over your rivals?

* Do you want to outperform the competitors ?

* Would you like to make bids that will work out
      to your advantage?

* Below are a series of articles to help you
      become a more skillful player.

Here are some Euchre terms
you may not be familiar with

* The green suits are the opposite color from the turned-up suit  (heart up, clubs and spades are green)

* 1st seat is left hand opponent of the dealer (AKA eldest or west)

* 2nd seat is the dealer's partner (AKA north)

* 3rd seat is right hand opponent of the dealer (AKA pone or east)

* 4th seat is the dealer (AKA south)

* How play Euchre? *

Would you like to learn how to play euchre? It is a fun fast paced that takes a few minutes to learn, but the more one plays, the more one realizes what a fun, yet challenging game euchre is. ...

* Not sure when to bid? *

The ability to recognize a biddable hand is what separates the good players from the average. Gaining this ability will...

* What card should I lead? *

The first question new players frequently have is 'having the first play, what card should I lead?' This depends largely on what position you sit...

* What card should I discard? *

One of the keys to becoming proficient in euchre knows what to discard. Are you Choosing the correct card?

* The Art of the Next Call (aka Hoyle) *

The idea of calling next has been around for as long as the game of euchre itself. Even the earliest books on euchre talk about it, This article will help you understand the how and whys of the next call strategy.

* The 'No Trump' Next Call *

Name trump with none in your hand?
Why would you do that?
Would you ever do it?
Maybe it's just crazy enough to work...

* The Reverse Next Call *

Never heard of reverse next you say. You should have. It will help you win more games

* When should you try a lone call? *

I've heard it said that the only time you should play alone is if you have a guaranteed three tricks. Trouble is...

* What is the best defense against a loner? *

Some loners, such as a lay-down lone, just can't be stopped. I have played with partners that will say it doesn't make any difference what I lead. That's just not true, many lones are stopped on the first lead....

* When should you call a block? *

Perhaps the most misunderstood thing in euchre is donating (aka blocking, safety). The only reason to call is to stop a lone. While it may seem odd to be ordering up when you know you are going to lose....

* Communication between Partners *

Being able to communicate to your partner what to lead back is one of the most important aspects of euchre. You can give your partner a lot of information simply by the way you play a hand. Good players...

* Give your Partner a chance Part 1 *

It's been said 'count on your partner for one trick'. Do you say it never works for me? Let's say your team bids, and player before you leads a small off suit. Do you....

* Give your Partner a chance Part 2 *

Last night we played at a local double elimination event. We were down to the last round, and in deep battle for the money. Point by point the score when up. With only one two point hand. It had been a long game. Score was now ....

* Give your Partner a chance Part 3 *

The saying 'count on your partner for one trick' not only applies when your trying to make a point it also applies when you are trying to euchre the opponents.

* The two suited, three trump hand *

"but I had three trumps, two suited". Using the proper technique, this hand will usually result in at point...

* Should you go alone on 8 ? *

There are many old sayings associated with euchre, Some are just wrong...

* How and why to count trump *

To be a successful euchre player, one needs every tool available to them to win. As the hand progresses counting trump becomes....

* Are you giving away too much information? *

I've talked about ways to let your partner know what cards your hold. However everything changes when the other team is bidding..

* Never lead trump to the opposition *

This is one of the first things we learn when playing euchre, but are there exceptions...

* Take a trick whenever you can *

While this is good advice for new players, it may not always be the best strategy

* The double lead, Good or Bad? *

While a double lead can help win a game if played properly. It can, more often than not, results in your team...

* 4th trick leads *

A lot of emphasis is placed on the first lead of any particular hand. There are many times where the 4th lead is just as important...

* Fishing for trump *

In almost any euchre hand the where-a-bouts of the boss cards will always be a concern. Sometime you have to go fishing for them...

* Top things done wrong when playing euchre *

1) Not leading trump to partner's call
2) Leading trump on defense
3) Turning down a bower when have 1 other trump
4) Failing to call "next"....

* The Ten Commandments of Euchre *

1) Thou shalt not pass a biddable hand
2) Thou shalt counteth upon thy partner for one trick.
3)Thou shalt not....

* How to play Two and Three Handed Euchre *

The rules for 4 handed euchre apply to two and three handed with a couple of exceptions as noted below. A standard deck of 24 cards are used. Cards are ranked the same as in ordinary Euchre. Cards are dealt out in groups of 2's and 3's with an additional two cards are dealt to a ...

* Test Your Euchre Skills *

Have you ever wondered how you stack up against other euchre players. This quiz was put together not only to test skill level, but as a teaching tool. Now you can see where your strength and weaknesses lay. There are total of 25 questions that cover euchre skills from the intermediate level to advanced level. Taking our QUIZ is the best way to see where you stand.

All incorrect answers now have links to pages providing the answers. No more guessing why it was wrong and what the correct answer would be.

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This is so confusing I feel like my head is popping

Posted by Peep ho  on Saturday, 06.22.13 @ 02:18am| #2255

I need a post more on skill in using a good helpers hand

Posted by CTT  on Thursday, 01.9.14 @ 02:17am| #3128

just started playing and came across this site. So much information. Great site!

Posted by Dave  on Wednesday, 02.12.14 @ 08:38am| #3146

Just started playing. Very in secure

Posted by Sue  on Wednesday, 04.2.14 @ 20:02pm| #3195

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