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Trying to Reel-in the big one

In almost any euchre hand the whereabouts of the boss cards is a concern. Some players would not even consider bidding without holding at least some of the top trump, but for those players that are willing to take a chance, the number of biddable hand is almost endless. Sure, there are advantages to holding the big fish in your hand, but in the end all that counts is making a point. Three tricks are all that is required - any three tricks. You can lose the first two and still be good. In cases where you don't hold the top trump, you stand a better chance of making your point by removing them from play early. With careful planning you can lose a couple of tricks to your opponents and still take the three needed for a point. .In fishing, the way to hook a large trophy is to use the right bait. In euchre we have different baits available to us. The most common method is using a small trump lead.

When fishing, the way to hook a large trophy is to use the right bait. In euchre we have different baits available to us, the most common being a small trump lead. Let's look at how we can use this tactic to win the game.

Let's look at how we can use this to help win the game

Table Position
Euchre Hand - fishing for trump 1

In the hand above, dealer is in the South Position and they are ahead 7-5. Bidding gets passed around and the dealer turns down the nine of clubs.

Now the player in 1st seat has a decision to make. He holds three hearts plus the ace of clubs. Should he call hearts? Being that he would be ignoring Hoyle with a heart call [i.e., calling the opposite color rather than next], he could not expect much help from his partner. What would need to happen for his team to make a point? Could he be able to make the ace of clubs good? Maybe trump a spade and still have a trump left for the last trick? 1st seat knows with this type of hand there is a possibility of a lone call in spades or diamonds by the opposition. That would put them out. A heart bid is a risk worth taking. Pulling trump is about the only chance of making point, He makes the call and goes fishing for the top trump.

Euchre Hand - fishing for trump 1

I have to admit this is a good as it gets. Very few hands work out this well. The three top trump fell on the first lead, the king was in the kitty. Wining at euchre involves taking risks and is even more important when playing against an aggressive team. Passing almost always means the other team gets bid and at least one point. Calls like this are what makes the game interesting.

If your opponents name trump and the bidder leads a small trump, rest assured that he does not hold the right. If at all possible play a low card. In a hand where you hold one of the bower and the bidder's partner does not play the other, there is a strong possibility that your partner has it. Avoid leading trump and having then fall on the same trick.

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