When should I name trump, Part 6

Both bowers is not enough
to order the dealer from 3rd seat

Even with a strong hand a call from 3rd seat, first round, is a hard spot to make a point. A high percentage of euchres start with this call. Yet many players try to make a point when only holding the right and left bowers in their hand. It is a wishful call at best.

Look at the example below.

Table Position
Jack-jack call from 3rd

The dealer is in the North seat and has turned up the queen. Bidding goes pass, pass and West orders the queen of diamonds into the dealer's hand. The dealer then discards the king of clubs.

Jack-jack call from 3rd

East, holding no diamonds and not having any other good leads, tries the jack of clubs. South, looking to use his only trump, quickly trumps the club with the king. The maker(w) has to follow suit and plays the ten of clubs. This allows North a chance to rid their hand of the queen of hearts. 1 Trump is gone, and the N/S opponents have a trick.

Jack-jack call from 3rd

Now South leads the jack of spades, the maker(W) again has to follow suit with the ten of spades. North trumps in with the queen and East follows suit with a spade. Now the N/S opponents have 2 tricks with 2 trump having been played.

Jack-jack call from 3rd

Next North, hoping to force the maker(W) into using a trump leads the king of hearts. East follows suit, South plays the ace and the maker takes the trick with the left. Now the maker only has one chance: lead their right and hope the ace is good for the last trick. As you can see, the dealer still has two trump and this call results in E/W being euchred.

This sort of thing happens often on 3rd seat calls.

Remember, you are putting a trump into the dealer's hand and they are now able to create a void. A much better play would have been to pass. You would then be in a position to euchre them if they pick-up or give help to your help partner if he tries a bid in next.

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