Never Trump Your Partner's Ace page 2

Until it's the correct time

Trumping your partners ace is tactic that when properly used is not only helpful if you are trying to euchre the opponents. There will be times when it is the only way to turn a 1 pointer into a 2 point hand. There may also be circumstances where it could save your team from a euchre.

Here's another great example

The dealer sits in the South position. The score is 7 to 6, North/South team's favor. West passes and North orders the dealer to pick-up the 10 of spades.

Table Position
Wrong lead into lone - 1

West seat starts the hand by leading the ace of clubs. The maker(N) trumps in with the queen of spades. East follows suit with the queen and South throws off the queen of diamonds. For their next lead, the maker(N) chooses the right. This lead pulls out 3 trump. Now 4 trump have been played.

Wrong lead into lone - 2

Now the maker(N) leads the ace of diamonds. East follows suit with the king. It's now South's turn. He looks at his hand and realizes he holds the top 2 trump. There is only 1 left in the wild. Not willing to risk that it is in West's hand, he trumps in with his ace. Now he leads the left. Next he leads the ace giving his team two points. The score is now 9 - 6 (and with a block on the next hand) North/South are now in a position to win. If South had not trumped his partners ace West would have made their king good. This could have changed the outcome of the game.

Knowing when would be the correct time to trump your partner's ace only comes with experience. If you choose the correct time you're a hero, if you don't, well, let's hope you have an understanding partner.

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Until it's the correct time

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