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Do you love to play euchre as much as we do? Are you looking for ways to improve your game? The you've came to the right place. We are the one source for accurate Euchre information. Have you wondered why some players always seem to win? The ability to win at Euchre comes from a combination of learning the correct methods of play and lots of practice. The best way to start improving is by reading lessons 1 - 10.

Once you are comfortable with the information presented in these lessons, then try taking our Euchre Quiz. This will help point out any trouble areas there may be in your game.

From there we suggest that you go on to read the information on the 'Tips + Info' pages. There is too much information on this site to cover it all in one reading. Most people find it works best to only read a page or two at a time.

It is also beneficial to play a few games in between reading sessions. Try to incorporate what has been learned into every game. By following the steps presented here you will find that your win/loose ratio will start to improve.

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"The phrase "practice makes perfect" is a false one. To rise above mediocrity, it takes "enlightened" Practice, most often with the aid of someone or something else. Improvements take practice. A Critical attitude of what needs to be improved certainly helps, many "old-timers" tend to "practice" the same way time after time. The information is given here is a step in the right direction."

Posted by Steve on Thursday, 02.16.12 @ 21:36pm

* Wednesday night Euchre *

Do you live in the Columbus, Ohio area? If so and you would like to join us in a few games of euchre, we play every Wednesday 7:00 p.m. at Chubby's Sports Bar, 1846 Hard Rd in Columbus. More info can be found by clicking here.

* Free On-Line Euchre Lessons *

The first couple of these lessons are designed with the beginner in mind. As the lessons advance, even the most experienced players will find a they contain a lot of useful information.

* Test Your Euchre Skills *

Have you ever wondered how you stack up against other euchre players. This quiz was put together not only to test skill level, but as a teaching tool. Now you can see where your strength and weaknesses lay. There are total of 25 questions that range from the intermediate level to the advanced skill levels. Taking our QUIZ and is the best way to see where you stand.

All incorrect answers now have links to pages providing the answers. No more guessing why it was wrong and what the correct answer would be.

Club Members, your Euchre Quiz results are now
saved for later review

* Ohio Euchre's Standard Rules *

There long has been a need for a standard set of rules for the game of Euchre. In every other game but euchre, One knows what the rules are. All these other games have a standard set of rules. Part of the mission here at Ohio Euchre is to help bring unity to the world of euchre. After much deliberation among euchre tournament directors we have come up with this rule set.

* Euchre Tips and Information *

Euchre is a game where skill is rewarded. Successful players often pull points from weak hands and turn marginal hands into loners. What is their secret, how do they do it? Do they know something others don't, or are they just lucky. A lot comes from practice, but practice is of little value without guidance from someone or something. Here is the information you need to raise your skill level and become a better player. After all, the best games happen when skilled players play together.

* Early books on Euchre *

From days gone by, we also have the complete text of many books about euchre. While some things have changed, many have not. All are interesting reading for anyone that wants to learn more about our game.

* Host Your Own Tournament *

Are you going to be hosting a tournament in the future? We can help. Do you need Scorecards or bracket sheets to keep track of what teams have played? We provide many different styles, from Progressive Scorecards to Double Elimination Tournament Bracket Sheets. The best part is they are all FREE. Just download them and print as many as you need. We will also try and answer any questions you may have about running a tournament.

* Two and Three handed *

While 4 person partnerships are normally played in euchre, some times there is a need or want for groups of two or three players. The rules for 4 handed euchre apply to two and three handed with a couple of exceptions. A standard deck of 24 cards are used. Cards are ranked the same as in ordinary Euchre. Cards are dealt out in groups of 2's and 3's with an additional two cards are dealt to a ...

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Do you have trouble with score cards always get bumped out of position? Are there someone in your group that is always asking what trump is? Our hand-crafted score keepers and trump indicators may be the answer. Are you looking for a book on euchre? You will find it all in our euchre store. Check back often as we will be adding new items from time to time.

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* The Worst Plays in Euchre *

I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the incorrect ways, and the foolish mistakes some players make. Here's your chance to tell your story.

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27 comments so far

What a great site. I haven't played since getting out of school last year. I knew there had to be games played in the area, Just didn't know where.


Posted by Kenny  on Saturday, 12.11.10 @ 09:49am| #7

I remember lots of games of Euchre in high school. I would play 2 man Euchre with a guy in my homeroom every morning. I would play 4 player Euchre in senior English class. The best games of Euchre, however, were with my girlfriend (now wife) and her grandparents. We would sit at her house for hours playing Euchre. We now live on the west coast, and will be visiting family in Ohio in the spring. Nice to know Euchre is still alive and well in Ohio. I may even find time to get out and play a few games

Posted by Mat   on Monday, 01.17.11 @ 09:02am| #8

Hey just stopping by to say Hi, glad to be here! I'm really enjoy the game, I wish I had more time to play but school keeps me busy

Sooo anyways, see you all-around and hello again haha.

Posted by Darlenee  on Friday, 02.11.11 @ 01:43am| #9

The phrase "practice makes perfect" is a false one. To rise above mediocrity, it takes "enlightened" Practice, most often with the aid of someone or something else. Improvements take practice. A Critical attitude of what needs to be improved certainly helps, many "old-timers" tend to "practice" the same way time after time. The information is given here is a step in the right direction.

Posted by Steve  on Thursday, 02.16.12 @ 21:36pm| #1753

I Grew up in Michigan. We used to play it constantly all the time I was college. It’s a game that goes very well with beer. When I moved to California, I found that no one had ever heard of it. Repeated attempts to explain the rules were met with blank stares. Now I live in Europe and I wouldn’t even try. I miss the old days. We have some good times playing cards back then.

Posted by Kevin  on Wednesday, 02.20.13 @ 09:14am| #1759

I haven't played in years. Do you have games for beginners? Also, do you have to be a member of the Moose Lodge? I was a member many years ago on the west side of Columbus but got very sick and my membership elapsed. Also, is there a contact person I can talk to on the phone about the games that are held at the lodge on Noe Bixby?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Posted by Diane Myers  on Sunday, 02.24.13 @ 22:04pm| #1763

I don't remember exactly when I learned to play, but my parents claim that they taught me before I was old enough to go to school. I didn't believe them at first. I didn't think any five y.o. would be able to or willing to learn euchre. My uncle Bill told the same story so it must have been true. I do remember playing with the family while growing up. I also remember being mocked mercilessly if I made a mistake. My dad still plays quite often. I havent played in years as I now live in Texas, no one has heard of euchre down here.

Posted by Travis  on Sunday, 04.7.13 @ 13:55pm| #2205

I've enjoyed looking around this web site. It brings back a lot of good memories.
I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH where I were raised on goetta and eggs. I attended college at the Univ. of Cincinnati, where I majored in Math and minored in Euchre.
As a young person, I hung around while the grownups played euchre. I would wind up fetching beers and sodas for the players (and Grandpa always slipped me a quarter for the service).
As i got a little older, I got to be a "pee player". This was when I could sit in and play one of the adults' hands while they visited the restroom. Older still. I got my own seat at the table, but the Grandparents would put up the money for my ante. I feel like a real adult when I was finally allowed to risk my own allowance money at the table. Ah, the good old days.
I now live in Cold Springs, Nevada, and NOBODY here plays it. It's one of the many things I miss about Ohio.

Posted by Robert  on Wednesday, 06.5.13 @ 07:27am| #2247

Just starting out playing online. Will be going to Michigan next month to play in a tournament. Hoping to learn strategy from your site.

Posted by charlene  on Sunday, 06.30.13 @ 11:00am| #2262

Just a note to Robert in Cold Springs--I grew up in Cuy. Falls and went to Kent State where I majored in Euchre:) and also loved the playing w adults part--my dad would take me to the Italian clubs where the old guys were also willing to teach and let you play as long as you knew your stuff. I now live in Lovelock and have taught friends, my kids, and their friends how to play, so there are plenty of Euchre players now in the Reno-Sparks area--even in Oregon.

Posted by Lisa  on Monday, 07.1.13 @ 22:29pm| #2267

This rarely happens.

Posted by Jerry Parmentier  on Wednesday, 02.5.14 @ 11:26am| #3142

just started playing and came across this site. So much useful information to help novice players. Looking forward to spending a lot of time here.

Posted by Dave  on Wednesday, 02.12.14 @ 08:46am| #3147

If you are playing a lone hand and the opposition reneges, how many points do you score, 2 or 4?

Posted by Ron Ramsey  on Tuesday, 07.8.14 @ 05:33am| #3232

As stated on the RULES page, a renege against a lone call is 4 points.

Posted by Don  on Tuesday, 07.8.14 @ 06:30am| #3233

Looking for tournaments in the Cincinnati /n. Kentucky area

Posted by Carl  on Thursday, 10.9.14 @ 21:10pm| #3281

there is only one

Posted by WOOT  on Tuesday, 10.14.14 @ 16:44pm| #3287

Wow! I truly need to brush up on my skills and this has helped me alot. Thanks!

Posted by Duke  on Sunday, 12.14.14 @ 17:22pm| #3301

I am happy to have become a member. Thank you.

Can you tell me:
Is there an interactive BUCK euchre club on the Internet?

Is there a card club in the Fredericksburg, VA area?

Posted by Jim Connolly  on Sunday, 01.25.15 @ 17:55pm| #3361


Posted by cesar  on Thursday, 06.11.15 @ 17:33pm| #3416

just started playing the game

Posted by Johnny Joe (JJ) Davis  on Thursday, 10.1.15 @ 16:05pm| #3478

My partner deals the cards and turns up Queen of Clubs, which the person left of her passes, as I pass as well. But the player right of the dealer, "states" Diamonds. Upon realizing his error by not passing of the still turned up Queen of Clubs first, and stating his preferred trump, he tosses his cards into the middle of the table face up, assuming this will end this hand?? What is the rule in this situation

Posted by Duane  on Sunday, 11.1.15 @ 05:04am| #3487

In all but the most relaxed settings, this would be a 2 point penalty.
I have re-posted this on the 'rules' page. Please try and ask questions on the appropriate page

Posted by Don  on Sunday, 12.6.15 @ 10:25am| #3518

I'm so glad to have found this site. I grew up in Ohio and played in Euchre tournaments at our Eagles Club there. I really miss that time in my life. I live in Oklahoma now and no one has heard of it. I'm hoping to teach my grandchildren. I will be visiting often. Thanks

Posted by Sharon Garrison  on Sunday, 12.27.15 @ 17:05pm| #3542

Hi...I am New at Euchre...but I have been playing for about 2 months...I am really a BidWhist Player...this is like BidWhist to me...I Play Euchre on the Hardwood App...I am a Member there...I Play in Rated games...this is Fun to Play but I am here to get some Tips about How to really Play Euchre...

Posted by Betty  on Monday, 12.28.15 @ 05:42am| #3545

I joined and I thought I changed my password. Neither the password you sent nor the one that I thought I changed it to are working. Can you please help? Thank you.

Posted by Rich Short  on Thursday, 02.4.16 @ 18:30pm| #3567

I got an automated response to my last e-mail. Niether the password that you sent me nor the one that I changed to are working. Can you please help?

Thank you.

Posted by Rich Short  on Thursday, 02.4.16 @ 20:19pm| #3568

Yea baby Yea!

Posted by chris  on Thursday, 04.7.16 @ 19:40pm| #3608

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